Travelling is one of the most adventurous things to do in life. There will always be a surge of energy buzzing through your bloodstream when you are on your mobile device booking that plane ticket. Or when you are just fidgeting while inputting the credit card information, or better still, on that day of flight when you feel like a child once more on the eve of Christmas; awesome right?

You may ask, “How is it that traveling is ruining my life?” Let’s dissect the facts together, shall we?

You may conclude that once you are back from the journey, everything returns to normal, and you get back to your everyday life as it was before you left for the trip. However, if you are one who loves to live life just for the moment, and eventually you find that temporary life appealing, things will take a new phase; your mentality and lifestyle and how you view the world.


1. You’ll always want more

There’s no way that you feel that you are okay with all the places you’ve traveled to. You just can’t get enough because new places spring up by the day; new tourist sites, vacation and holiday resorts, places for new adventures, etc. It is not like you can make a list and pen down all the places you are going to visit in your lifetime and at the end, feel that you are okay and not making another trip. You may feel like taking diving lessons in Thailand, sailing on the shores far away or taking a hike in Nepal. Besides, you may want to re-live the experiences you had on the previous travels you’ve embarked on in the past. And all this must be done before you lose your youthful strength.



2. You may never see your new best pals forever

During your adventure at different places; when you are passing through South Africa by train; taking an overnight busride in Colombia or your trip across Australia, you may have made friends with some awesome people on your way, and you had crazy adventures with them, made your first bungee jump, got drunk or got laid.
You plan to meet them again in the distant future and arrange a get together in different locations across the world. However, this is most likely never going to happen, and then your new pals become another distant profile on Facebook.


3. Nothing appeals to you anymore in your home country

I am from Denmark, and I so love the country, but it becomes extremely tiring and less exciting to return home after a trip because nothing has really changed. Nobody can come to terms with what you just passed through, no one replies you when you greet them, and people still look ragged. There is not much to experience in Denmark, unlike Vietnam or Morocco with each passing day. The next travel promises so much.



4. Hatred may spring up among family and Friends

Your loved ones may begin to get bored when you start another tale of your last voyage at some stage. None of them has met Jack, the surfer from Hawaii or the lovely Sarah who you met while away at Indonesia. A little jealousy may also spring up when they lack funds to travel. Pictures you posted on Facebook and Instagram do not help matters either.



5. You get the best experiences of your life during your voyage round the world

Nothing gives you sweet memories like the memories from your last voyage round the world. A day hardly goes by without you giggling to some wonderful memories from your last travel, and you are almost lost to your surroundings when you go through pictures taken during the trip.


6. You become Jealous

When you return to your home country, that travel fever returns with more vigor when news starts filtering into your ears of people making plans to travel or are about to travel and you there studying hard for that degree or the masters. “It might not be such a bad idea to continue my education abroad and then still travel around” you may think. “So, it’s a win-win situation here. Its like killing two birds with one stone.”



7. Your hatred for the alarm clock becomes unbearable

The alarm clock becomes useful on your trip when you have to get up early for that trekking tour to Kilimanjaro or get an early boat on the Maldives. Back home, it becomes an irritating instrument used to awaken you to another boring day where you carry out the same activities you carried out the previous day.


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8. You become surprisingly restless

You get a feeling or “a strong desire to travel and explore the world.” This is termed Wanderlust. Do you ever get this feeling?



9. There’s always a plan in motion

You are always hatching a plan in your mind, envisioning about another travel. You be obsessed with globes, maps and you keep them within reach for the next 100 years, and you are making routes already in your brain. Google maps become your best app while on the bus to work or school or during exercise. It does not go away easily!!



10. Post-travel depression

This may be the height of it all and typically the worst. It may damage the soul, and it becomes so bad after a wonderful trip. A week after your return to your home country, the depression sets in, and you begin to miss the memories of your last voyage, including the people you met. Your new best pals, your latest flirt, the freedom you got while on the trip, the food, and the fragrances won’t just go away easily. The only solution seems to be to sit down in front of that device and make bookings for a cheap flight immediately to the destination that beats your fantasy, and you feel fulfilled at least with a plane ticket in your hand.

So, start making those trips before you lose time.


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