How do you prepare to run a Ultra-Trail run in the Highland in Malaysia, when you live in a country as flat as Denmark?

 In Denmark, the highest point is a hill called Møllehøj, which are 170,86 meters over sea-level, and are together with Ejer Bavnehøj and Yding Skovhøj part of a ridge called Ejer Bjerge. (Ejer Mountains)

Cameron Highland - Malaysia
Cameron Highland - Malaysia

And I’m not even close to those “mountains”, - from my balcony I can see a hill, or should I just call it a burp, I’m not sure… but that are the highest point around where I live, and how am I supposed to make hill training on that one?

Elevation at Cameron Ultra-Trail 50km
Cameron Ultra-Trail - 50km (D+ 2,240m) 
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