Unusual things to do in Bangkok 

Whether you hate Bangkok or love it, it is undeniably one of the most popular places to travel to especially if one is looking for a beach destination. What makes Bangkok a famous place to travel? Well, the answer in short is that there is a lot to do here. People marvel at the beautiful skyline, the unusual culture, unlimited temples and the hustle and bustle of the streets. Travellers usually come and see the main stream attractions of Bangkok, but if you are someone who want to see Bangkok in a whole different way, here is what you can do. 

1. Do a Spot of Yoga in the Morning

If you are an early riser and like to spend some time alone with yourself to get your day started, then give yourself a chance to join in with a spot of yoga. These early morning yoga sessions are held in almost all the parks. Your host will be able to take you to the one nearby and also recommend you similar activities for evening too. If you are all in to yoga, then Do a Spot of Yoga in the Morning


2. Learn Muay Thai

The national sport and cultural form of Thailand is Muay Thai which many tourists come here to watch. You must be wondering what is so unusual and uncommon about it in Bangkok, well, ever thought of learning Muay Thai? A lot of people take up classes for fitness and health reasons but to learn this kind of an art it totally different. So next time when you are travelling in Bangkok, make sure you Learn Muay Thai instead of go watching it.


3. Attend Local or Expat Events

Many websites and tourist guides won’t tell you about the events that keep happening every now and then in Bangkok. To keep a track on what’s going on in the city, there are various Facebook groups where you can check on. You just have to check out what they are offering and found out the niche of your interest whether its nightlife, arts, sport activities or whatever, there’s a major chance that you might find something happening in the city about it.


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4. Challenge your Palette with some Unique Food

Have you ever complained of finding something unusual like a bug in the dish you ordered? For many it may be something you must have never imagined of whereas for Thais, it is something that they have as a part of their menu. It’s not an opportunity that you get every day so take a chance to try out the most unique dishes with the most unique ingredients in Bangkok. When in Bangkok next time, why not try to Challenge your Palette with some Unique Food


5. Float between Stalls at a Floating Market

Markets are often hectic places, especially in Bangkok, you will find them crowded most of the time which will make your shopping experience dull. If you are looking for an uncommon thing to do without getting tired of the crowds, you might be interested in trying out one of the less known floating markets like the Amphawa Floating Markets. See another side of Bangkok, Float between Stalls at a Floating Market


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