While you decide to travel around the worlds best places, how can one not add Bangkok in it? Who can resist seeing a beautiful place, having amazing food, and having beautiful people all around us? I think no one.

Bangkok Rooftop
The Vertigo Restaurant

Bangkok, being Thailand’s capital city attracts number of people from all over the world. Because of the beauty this place holds, people just love it here. The city is all about leisure, great, great food, beautiful sights to have everywhere. One simply just can’t forget Bangkok while talking about the best places on earth.

Adventurous Activities to do in Bangkok:

Talking about Bangkok, this city has number of amazing adventurous activities to offer to you guys. Here are some activities which people from all over the world come to do in Bangkok.

1. Surfing at Flowhouse:

Ever dreamt of surfing but somehow you couldn’t get a chance to do it so? You don’t have to wait any more now. With Flowhouse right being in the city, you are all ready to do surfing. With only 550 Baht an hour, you can enjoy surfing which is made on a man-made inflated ramp (I am not even exaggerating). The waves here are artificially generated as pressured water and they are pushed upwards across the ramp.
This place is the most favourite for adventurous lovers that is why you will find people of all ages here, enjoying to the fullest, falling and laughing on their faces and trying to get better at surfing. This is a must to do activity whenever you plan to go Bangkok. Who would miss an artificial man-made ramp to do surfing over there? Flowhouse is waiting for you all to come and enjoy this amazing thing.

Flowhouse Bangkok
Flowhouse Bangkok

2. Diving with Sharks:

Want to dive with sharks? Well, there is no need to go all the way to dive in the ocean. Bangkok has it all. Right in the heart of Bangkok, you can go to Sea Life Ocean World. It is located in Siam Paragon Shopping Centre. And it is very easy to get to this place. The trainers will be there to help you in every way but you are sure to get an underwater adrenaline rush once you get in to dive with the sharks. You will find sand tiger sharks, leopard sharks, round ribbon-tail rays, eagle rays and reef sharks. This is one of the most challenging yet thrilling activity which you can do in Bangkok. There are number of packages available for you to do it according to your budget.

 Dive with sharks in a shopping mall
Dive with sharks in a shopping mall

3. Bicycling in the Urban Jungle:

There are adventures which are going to cost you a bit when you decide to go for them. Why not buy a cool bike and bicycle through the bustling streets of Bangkok? It seems like an adventure to me. Bicycling in Bangkok, trust me, this is going to be the ultimate adventure for you. So, go out, buy a bike and roam around the beautiful city of Bangkok. You will love it the most.

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