Challenge your palette with some unique food

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is one of the finest place to eat if you are a foodie who dares to try out new things. Travelling is all about finding the perfect accommodation, fun attractions and the perfect FOOD. Yes, food plays a vital role when travelling. When travelling in Bangkok, you may find so many fine dining restaurants, local restaurants and street vendors everywhere that it becomes difficult to find out the ones that serve really good food.

You may love food and you may be daring enough to try out anything and everything you can find to eat but trying out Bangkok’s cuisine is truly a unique experience that you can get. Why? Well, that’s because you may not be sure of what you are getting in the dish that you have ordered. If you are daring enough to try out different traditional food of different places then I’m sure you will not complain on finding something unusual like a bug in your platter.

Eating insects in Bangkok
Bamboo Worms, a must try

Yes, for some this may be totally unexpected and unusual but for others this is pretty normal. Having bugs and different creatures in your food is something they have daily on their menu at restaurants. The locals love to eat such type of dishes and now the tourists as well take it up on as a challenge to try out such dishes and not only they take it as a challenge but they actually like it.

Food is an integral part of travelling which is why when you are staying at Bangkok and want to have an authentic Thai experience, it is suggested to move out from your comfort food options and try out the real Thai style food. Even though the comfort food that you may find in Bangkok is different than what you can find anywhere else in the world, it is an experience to try that as well. But, food that contains different unique ingredients are something one shouldn’t hesitate to try on.

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Thai food has a well-deserved reputation all over the world because of its excellence and there’s nothing as good as Thai food that you can find in Thailand. One can find different international cuisines outside their home countries but when it comes to Thai food, you can only get the real taste in Thailand only. So to get to know Thailand even better, the best way is to start of by trying out its unique dishes that contains some exceptional ingredients you may have never imagined. Even though trying out Thai cuisine for a foreigner may be a challenge but trust me, once you try it, there’s no going back. The unique food of Thailand is what makes Thai food famous all over the world. The most impressive part about Thailand restaurants or street vendors in Thailand is that they are not typically tourist sites which confirms the authentication of its food where you will not only find the tourists but also locals who regularly eat there.

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