As we know that Coconut water has a great sweet and nutty taste, which is naturally refreshing and provides instant energy to the body. It is rich in carbohydrates, which are easily digested in the form of electrolytes and sugar. Coconut water is a transparent clear liquid, present in the centre of the fruit, tapped from very young, green coconuts.

Nutrition Facts of Coconut Water:

The liquid present in the coconut actually contains 46 calories approximately per cup, ten grams of the natural sugar, with very less little protein and it is completely fat-free! This water contains minerals, phytochemicals, and multiple vitamins that are best and ideal for the health of human body. Potassium is the primary and critical nutrient into the coconut water. It contains 600 mg approximately, which is 12 percent of DV, making it very rich electrolyte beverage. This water also contains a very less proportion of sodium, which is almost 40mg and around of 10% of the daily magnesium and calcium requirements. Electrolytes are best to maintain heart health, blood volume, and also, to prevent dehydration. In order to maintain electrolyte levels which can naturally reduce stress, fatigue, and to keep the muscles relaxed and calm from any kind of pressure.

Coconut Water vs. Coconut Milk:

 Most of the people are confused, and they mix coconut milk with coconut water. Coconut milk is higher in calories and fat, and it is extracted from the flesh of coconut and is thicker than coconut water of course. It is more dense and sweet, and have healthy saturated fats also, but as compared to coconut water, it is higher in terms of calories. A cup of coconut water may have 46 calories, where a cup of coconut milk may have 552 calories. 

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Health Benefits of drinking Coconut Water:

I. Electrolyte Substitute:  Gatorade vs. Coconut Water

Because of the fact that coconut water is highly rich in potassium, this water is such an ideal and high electrolyte substitute; it is being utilized for IV hydration in some emergency situations at times. It is very less in carbohydrates as well, if we compare to other drinks used in sports. So, if you are a runner or any sports person, Coconut water is the best thing you can ever think about. Coconut water is just about carbohydrates of 4.5%, while other sports drinks can contain up to 6 to 8% of the concentration of carbohydrate. This is good and best for athletes, who are trying to watch out their sugar level of intake and hydrate after their any event. For many casual exercisers, it can be simply a perfect low sugar hydration purpose need after their workout.

II. Low blood pressure 

 A study in 2005 found that when the individuals were provided with coconut water for about 2 weeks, then their blood pressure systolic was around 71% lesser and the blood pressure diastolic was 29% lower from those who were drinking plain water in this duration. The very high potassium of coconut water has made the researchers investigate deeply about the potential benefits present for lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. Potassium in coconut water helps lowering down blood pressure and maintains it to the best.

III. Lower triglycerides and cholesterol

The study in 2006 successfully found out that with the help of this water, we can have a very lesser chance of heart attacks. Coconut water helps to decrease their entire triglyceride and cholesterol levels controlled, and the cholesterol LDL, mainly the cholesterol present in the heart. The research was conducted on rats to find results for coconut water, and it proved that the coconut water helps to recover heart attacks very quickly, because of the presence of calcium, magnesium , and, potassium in the water, as it is beneficial for maintaining the heart healthy.

IV. Detox (Cleansing of the body)

Detox, in other words, means cleansing. Everybody has got a natural ability of its’ own to be able to detox or cleanse themselves, with the help of perfect hydrations and nutrients. Inadequate hydration reaches to build-up toxins present in the system of the body, because of kidneys, detoxifying organs, and liver, are not able to function accurately and adequately without the help of adequate water. The dehydration occurring from electrolyte or water loss mostly leads to irritability, fatigue, stress, tension, confusion, extreme thirst, and depression. Such symptoms can be concluded from the disability of Kidney to flush out the toxins from the system adequately. The fluid intake should be around 8 to 10 cups daily, can be great help to prevent dehydration in the body and to maintain the natural ability of detoxification of the body. Coconut water containing the same profile of electrolytes for the human blood, to make it perfect and ideal beverage for the replacement of fluids and helps a lot to let the toxins away from the entire body. The electrolyte potassium, ideally, can be helpful to counteract few of the harmful effects of higher processed sodium diet.

V. Reduce muscle tension and stress

Drinking coconut water is as good as having a massage from a dream salon! We sometimes miss these essential minerals in our diet plan, which makes the stress management level to more challenging levels.  Few of the electrolytes present in coconut water, particularly magnesium and calcium, helps to lower down muscle tension and stress. Calcium not just contributes to maintain healthy bones and teeth, calcium is also helpful with soothing muscle relaxation. In order to have a happening day, drink coconut water which contains calcium and magnesium in the best form ,which makes up your day more relaxed and free of unwanted worries.

Best benefits of coconut water for health may include:

  • Increased athletic performance
  • Keeps the body hydrated
  • Supply energy to the body
  • Weight loss
  • Lowered cholesterol
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Boosted energy
  • Relax tension of muscles
  • Refreshing
  • Low calories
  • Ideal for sports person and runners

When compared with the chemical based solutions available in the market today, coconut water is a healthy alternative that will keep one fresh, hydrated and relaxed. Opt for it and feel the difference yourself!



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