Your trip to Thailand is all set. You have booked your flight and hotel, packed your bags and you are ready to go. But, you just realised that your money is no good in Thailand.

Well, actually it IS good; it just needs to be converted to the local Thai currency, Baht. You have many options – some better than others, and you need to choose which one is right for you.

Exchange rates

You always have the option to go to your local bank or currency exchange in your home country, and get some Thai Baht. In most cases this is a really bad idea, since the rate you are offered, are a really bad rate of exchange.

You can also exchange the money in your home airport. Most airports got one or more booths, offering the exchange you need, but this is just as a bad an idea because you will get a really bad rate of exchange, just like if you are using the local bank.

Another option is to bring the cash you expect to use with you, and exchange it along the way. This is obviously not a good idea, because if you loose your wallet or bag where your money are, it could be the end of the vacation. Bringing some cash with you are still ok, but don't bring more than you expect to use in the first couple of days.

You can also bring a credit card, but you need to be careful, because you might be charged double fee. First when you use your card, and then the interational exchange fee after that. There's also the possibility that your credit card are being cloned, so watch out. I don't recomend using a credit card in Thailand.

When travelliing to Thailand, the best option is to bring a debit card with you, - or rather two debit cards. Using a debit card in an ATM, is an easy way to get Thai Baht at the current rate of exchange. The second card should be specially for the trip and used for backup in case anything happens. Better safe than sorry.

When I go abroad, i always bring enough cash in my own currency, to exchange to let me throught the first couples of days. Those are exchaned in the destination airport, if i can not find an ATM. I transfer money from my regular account, to two differet accounts which each have a debit card, one is used as a primary card, and the second one for backup (Just in case).

I prefer to use a debit ATM card since ATM machines are everywhere in Thailand and they are open 24 hours per day. You get the best rates and ATM machines provide the most convenience. Just plan to have a couple of different ways to fund your trip. It is no fun to be in foreign country on vacation with no access to funds.