Ibiza House, Phi Phi IslandIbiza House, Phi Phi Island

Despite what you might think, you don't have to spend a fortune to stay at a 4 star hotel. Doing your homework can get you some really great deals, no matter if it is a 4 star hotel, bed and breakfast or a hostel. On my last booking, i saved 72% on a 4 star hotel in central Bangkok, and it took me less than 20 minutes

If you want the cheapest rates when booking a hotel for your holiday, there are several things that you have to consider. First of all, you have to travel at times when everyone else isn't travelling. 

Check the destination to see if there are any cultural holidays going on. Rates can be way higher in those times of the year.

If you are going for a short stay, then book weekdays rather than weekends. Most hotels got the best deals in the beginning of the week, between Sunday and Wednesday.

Compare the prices on the room, with or without breakfast included. Often there's only very little difference in price if you include the breakfast, and it is a lot cheaper to get the breakfast included in the stay, instead of paying after you arrived.

Use a search engine like the one at travelmax.dk to find the best hotel deals and compare rates. The one at travelmax.dk search through many of the major search engines to find the best price for you, and you are most likely to find a good bargain in the area that you want to stay.

Save on your hotel - www.hotelscombined.com

Use travel billboards to check out the reputation of the place you are interested in before you book, it could be a bad maintained hotel that causes the low price.

Check to see if you get some kind of discount or collect points if you book the hotel through your Flight provider. If you are a member of Norwegians Reward Program, you will earn 5% CashPoints if you book your hotel through them. CashPoints that can later be used as partly or full payment for flights.

Even if you are going to spend your holiday on the beach, try to avoid prime locations like beachfront, finding a hotel five to ten minutes from the beach will often save you a lot of money.

Remember to check what is written about the room, many rooms are sold as nonrefundable.

Ibiza House, Phi Phi Island

Sometimes you find hotels with a huge discount, sometimes up yo 80%. But if a hotel is uncommonly cheap - try to find out why. Maybe you are looking at the hotel because of the great pool area, but the pool is under construction, which explains the discount. There can be many reasons for the low price, it could also just be because it is low season in the area, and they don't want an empty hotel. If the deal sounds too good to be true, try to call to verify why, and then make up with yourself if you can live with what they tell you.

Another way to get a cheaper rate, are to call the hotel directly and negotiate the price. Often the manager will be able to give you a fixed price lower than the one that you can find online.


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