Float between stalls at a floating market

When hearing about markets most people think about the usual market places they go to or huge malls or supermarkets where they find everything in one place. While some may think of markets like flea markets or weekend markets that are set up on streets. But then there’s a third kind of market that you can find in many places as well as in Bangkok, known as the floating markets. Floating markets are markets where not only you can shop stuff but also learn about the life of the locals living at the banks in the same time, which itself is an experience for the tourists to know about the place they are travelling at.

Floating market in Bangkok
Floating market in Bangkok

So if you want to immerse yourself into a whole new shopping experience, floating markets of Bangkok are your place to be at. Not only you get to shop things at cheaper price but also you get a chance to try out the local street Thai food too which is an absolute divine experience as well. One’s trip to Bangkok is not completed until he or she has witnessed the floating markets. So get on in one of the long beautifully decorated boat down the winding waterways to the floating markets where once you hop off you will find yourself surrounded by the local markets stall that offer everything from selling locally harvested tropical fruits to souvenirs that you would want to take back home with you for yourself as a reminder of the trip or for your loved ones.

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Also, what makes it an uncommon thing to do here is that you will not find much crowds here so if you want to do some shopping, floating markets are the best options that you can go to. The main highlights of the floating markets are that it offers the locally produced fashion, art and handicrafts where the wooden built boutiques sell everything from t-shirt to handmade water color paintings. Moreover, the toys and sweets that you find here in Bangkok’s floating markets cannot be found in any other floating markets too. Other than that, if you are a sea food lover, you are going to love it here because one can find scrumptious sea food which is affordable and freshet all times so you are never going to be left disappointed from here. Besides food and shopping, once you are done with eating, you can take a boat ride to take a tour of the beautiful hidden temples or just sit back and enjoy the views of the banks.

All in all, getting to the floating market and spending time there is an experience and a tour within itself. They not only give you a different shopping experience but allows you to discover the actual and real life of Thai’s and how they spend their life. Some of the famous floating markets of Bangkok are; Bang Phli Floating Market, Taling Chan Floating Market and Amphawa Floating Market.

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