”Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

- Confucious


I have often heard the sentence that Less is More, and that is a sentence that i have been thinking a lot about, and my conclusion are that in many instances, this is true.

I used to have a lot of different stuff in my life, any kind of stuff, i have been collecting a lot of stuff during the years, and never really been able to throw anything away, because i was thinking that this might come handy one day. Most of the stuff have been stored away, because i wasn't using it, and it took a lot of space to save those things.


All this changed in a few days back in December 2013, during the winter storm, where the area where i was living was flooded, and the house was made into an indoor swimmingpool. Back then, almost everything was thrown away... A new beginning, sort of saying. Most of the stuff i had left was clothes, and almost anything else i had to get again, if i needed it. 

And this become my keyword, - If i need it.

What i do now are really simple. I don't buy things that i don't need. I don't want to buy things, just to use it one or two times, and then put it away. When i see something that i might want i ask myself: "Do i really need it?". By doing this i almost always end up saying to myself that this are just another object to store away, and then i don't buy it. 
Half a year ago, i got a new appartment, - just a small one, but just the right size for me. The size of the appartment set its own limits, but even in a small appartment, i have plenty of room, and it doesn't feel small, because it isn't filled with all kind of stuff. It is back to basics. 
I have been travelling a lot in Asia the past years, and been reading a lot about the countries that i have visited, and i found that there are so many things to adopt from the people out there. And partly i wanted to make my appartment reflect this, because this provides good continuity with the less is more concept. 
I could have choosen to put in a sofa and a table, but it made it different, i put in some tatami mats, as they use in Japan, and are now sitting on the floor, or rather, sitting on pillows on the floor. I have a little table attached to the opposite wall, so i have a place where i can sit and eat, but actually i don't use it very much, i guess i am getting to used to hang out at the floor.

Of course i have things in my apartment that i don't need, but those are there because it was given to me by people that i love and care about, and by that, it brings me great value to have those. Those things doesn't collide with my less is more concept, those things fit very well into the bigger picture, as i have defined it for myself.

I don't want things in my apartment that i doesn't need, or that doesn't have a special value for me. I want my room to be spacious, and i want to feel good when i look at the things that surrounds me. For me, the less is more concept also brings a lot of benefits.

I feel relaxed when i am home. I am not surrounded by a lot of things that makes my life stressful, and my apartment are easy to clean within minutes.

Since i don't use money on things that i don't need, it is easier for me to invest in experiences, like travels. I am a runner, and had a lot of great experiences around the world when being out there to join a race. Either it is in Berlin or on Borneo, the experience will bring me big life rewards, something that i can't have by buying things that soon will be forgotten and stoved away. I can save my money for travelling around the world, and explore the world more deeply.


For me, the life really changed to a better life, a less complicated life, by thinking about: Less is more


“Nothing external to us can give us permanent and true happiness. We actually have all we need to be truly happy within us.”


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