When it comes to favourite spots, Thailand has always been on the list. From beautiful places to visit, to amazing food to eat, to witnessing the diversified culture, meeting amazing people, great night life, the place is one of its kind.

Maeklong Railway Market
Maeklong Railway Market

Talking about Thailand and how great it is, it has number of amazing places too. And one simply can’t miss going to Maeklong Railway Market. Now, when it comes to markets, we all know there are number of them in Thailand and at first glance, you can’t even remember which one you were in before. But Maeklong is definitely a place which stands out.

Trust me, you won’t forget this place soon. What’s the most amazing thing about this market? It has a train running through the middle of it, not one or two time but several times a day. Right between the market and very close to even touch. How, cool is that? This is the reason why people who come to Thailand don’t forget this place. And you shouldn’t too, because where else you are going to see a market like this? Only in Thailand, yes.

Apart from the train which goes through the market, this market has got everything you would want or are looking for. The market has number of stalls which have different displays. Like some have fruits, some have veggies, meat, and seafood. The list goes on and on. There are stalls of sweet snacks as well. You will see stalls of flowers here too. And oh, how can I forget, clothes. Yes, this market has number of stalls selling beautiful clothes too.

You know what’s the most thrilling part about this market? The train coming passing in the middle of it. I already have told you that, haven’t I? It’s so exciting that I want to talk about it. There is a charming little warming bell which goes off over the speaker system just a few minutes before the train actually comes. Within few minutes of warming bell being received, the vendors there, they pull back their designed awnings before the train arrives. Sometimes they do it just few moments ago. This is also the reason why the market is also called Talat Rom Hoop which means Market Umbrella Close.

The fog horn of the train itself announces that it’s coming. That’s the kind of announcement you can’t ignore. No one can. Another coolest thing about this market is how they perfectly adjust itself according to train which keeps passing several times a day. The vendors clearly know how far they have to pull the awnings so the vegetables or fruits don’t get sliced by the wheels. There is just a foot space to spare when the train passes by, and it’s actually very thrilling to see the train pass by you. If you are in Thailand, you should go to this market to experience this unforgettable adventurous thrill. Trust me, this is something you are always going to remember.

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