In honor of a special lady, - my Mother.

Mother's Day is observed the second Sunday in May. It is a time to honor mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers for their contribution to family and society.


A few years back i lost my mother, due to coronary artery disease. She went to the hospital well knowing that the chances of getting out on the other side was only around 50%. She made a choice, she was fighting to survive, but at the end she lost the battle. It was too early, my mother left us at the age of 67. All of my family, - my father and my siblings were gathered at the hospital, and was with her when her body gave up, and it was time for her to leave us. 

Every year, in the weeks before Mother's Day, my email inbox refuses to let me forget about this day. Every shop that i have ever shopped at, sends me emails to let me know their suggestion about what to buy for the woman that brought me into this world. I could buy flowers, some jewels, or maybe a new watch, but the only thing i can't buy, are the only thing that i really would love to have: Time. 


Time is a precious gift.

If you have the luck to spend the day with your mom, i suggest that you let her make the decision about what you will be doing together. Sometimes sitting together, talking over a cup of coffee, are a lot more giving than going to a crowded restaurant, and it is definetly worth more than a gift card.

I know plenty of women who are great moms, and even that they are not my mom, today are the day where my thoughts go to those fine ladies. They all make sacrifices and doing their best to keep the family together.

A day like today are a good day to prioritize the people that we care about. When it comes to building and maintaining relationships we have to remember, that time are the most precious we can give.


Honor your memories.

That i lost my mom too early, doesn't mean that i lost the years that we had together, and Mother's Day are a day for reflection at those memories. We have spend a lot of great moments together, been laughting together, having deep conversations. My mom was always there for us kids, and i cherish every moment.

When we were kids, mom always taught us to say thank you, and i wish that i would still have the time to hug her, and say thank you for everything. 


What do you do to celebrate your mom on Mother's Day? Please comment below...

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