Over fifty international air carriers offer flights to Thailand’s six international airports. Suvarnabhumi Airport, in Bangkok, by itself receives 45 million passengers a year. Eight hundred flights land there every day. This year, Thailand will host 39.5 million tourists, that number equals over 58% of Thailand’s total native population. Most tourists come for the beautiful beaches, cultural destinations, exciting scuba diving, exotic food, and the world-famous magnet for the sensually curious...Bangkok’s Patpong red light district.

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport

Thailand has earned its place as a “must-see” Asian destination. But, because of that, it may be suffering from “tourist overcrowding.” Newsweek Magazine recently ran an article about the problems that are starting to surface for Thailand brought on by being too popular. Too many divers are destroying the coral reefs. Unsavory “tourist traps” are springing up like mosquitos in a swamp. Tourists are forced to wait in long lines to visit popular locations. All of this leads to a practical conundrum: “How can I visit the glory and beauty of Thailand without being absorbed by the tidal wave of tourists?”

We have an answer for you. There are places to see in Thailand that are, as some might say, “off the beaten path.” Locations where you can see things that you probably won’t see anywhere else. Here are a few.

There are least 15 other quite unique places to visit in Thailand. Of course, if your idea of visiting a country is to do what everyone else does, you can always visit the Patpong district of Bangkok and take in one of their unique stage shows

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