When you feel sorry for yourself, and not really want to get out there for running or exercise, try putting things in a bigger perspective, and be grateful and humble for the small things in life.


It has been a long road to recovery for Turia Pitt, a former model and engineer, who suffered burns to around 65 per cent of her body when she was caught in a bushfire, during a ultra-marathon in West Australia in Septermber 2011.


Turia Pitt and 4 other competitors were trapped by fire in the gorge, with nowhere to hide she recieved horrific burns to more than 65 per cent of her body. When she couldn't outrun the fire, she had to run through it. The doctors doesn't expected her to have many chances to survive, but Turia Pitt defied all the odds and astounded the medical fraternity with her sheer will to live.

Afterwards she has walked part of the Great Wall in China for charity, rode a bike from Sydney to Uluru and swam in a long distance race across the Kimberley's Lake Argyle.

Many would have given up, - but not Turia...


Listen to her remarkable story here:




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