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By using the website at, hereafter named The Big and The Small Things, You hereby agree to this cookie and privacy policy.

  1. Generally

    When you use the website, The Big and the Small Things collects information that is used to customize and improve content, as well as increase the value of the ads that appear.
    If you do not want information to be collected, you should delete your cookies and avoid using the website in the future.

    Here you can read about what information is being collected and which third parties have access to them.

     The Big and the Small Things collects information in 2 ways:
    - By using cookies
    - When the user entering information, for example, when you sign up for the newsletter.

  2. Cookies

    2.1 What are cookies?

    A cookie is a small text file stored on the device you use to go online, with the purpose of remembering your preferences such as settings, performing statistics, and targeting ads that match the user's behavior and interests.
    A cookie is a plain text file and can not contain viruses or other malware.

    2.2 What do we use cookies for?

    Cookies help to tell about your visit and behavior on the website, and are used for user-related statistics. Information is collected about when and how long time you use the website, and what pages you visit. In addition, information about whether you have visited the website before is collected, which operating system and browser you use, as well as your IP address.

    2.3 For how long time are our cookies stored on your device?

    We use 2 types of cookies, session-determined cookies that are deleted when you finish your stay on the website, as well as cookies stored on your computer for a varying number of months, calculated from your last visit to the site. Every time you return to the website, the period is extended. If you do not visit the page again, the cookies will be deleted once the period expires.

    2.4 Cookies from our partners:

    The Big and the Small Things also have partners who set cookies - so-called third-party cookies.
    It may be advertisers, ad-networks or other networks like Facebook and DisqUs.

    2.5 Cookies from Google Analytics:

    We use Google Analytics as a statistical tool, giving us an overview of the most visited pages, which country the traffic is coming from, and whether they come through another website, such as Facebook or Twitter. In addition, they are used for traffic measurement, so we know how many users have used the website.

  3. Privacy

    The only personal data collected is the first and last name and email address, and only if you sign up for our newsletter.
    These are collected through the website we use to handle our newsletter, which treat these data on our behalf and may not use them for their own purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties at any time.
    Data will be deleted if the newsletter is unsubscribed.

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    If you have any questions about our Cookie- and Privacy Policy, or about the website in general, don't hesitate to send a mail to: Jan Lassen

    Last modified August 01-Aug-2017